Comparison between melanotan 2 and other tanning products

Get a tanned skin is a symbol of beauty in western people’s life style these days. There are many options available in the market that guarantees you the result you want. Some of the option are applying tanning products on your body, getting a tanning, drugs and injection and etc. But today we are going to compare drugs like melanotan 2 (despite the fact of illegality) and other ways of getting tanned skin taking various factor as our comparison basis.

Result – Talking about the result, melanotan shows much faster result as it is injected directly into the skin. Other tanning products like lotions and creams does helps your skin get a nice dark shade but not to the extent of melanotan 2. Therefore melanotan gets an upper hand on the basis result factor.

Price – Melanotan was estimated to be sold for about 60$ per bottle in 2003 and earlier which will make an expensive amount to be spent today. Talking about other way like treatment, melanotan 2 is cheaper as treatment will cost you a lot of money. But when, in terms of price, melanotan is compared to tanning lotions, it cost much higher than this product.

Risk factor – Risk is involved in the methods like tanning treatment, intake of injections and drugs. As there is hardly any evidence that what kind risk are involved in melanotan other than the common risks, it makes this drug more dangerous to consume. But when we talk about surgeries, there we can ensure ourselves because there is limited risk involved in which can be predicted earlier.

Side effects – Well using melanotan has various side effects like vomiting, reduced appetite, nausea, sand flushing face. It can have more side effect as it has not been properly tested due to its sudden shutdown. Contemporarily, using tanning lotions and creams will have very less chances of side effects. The clinically tested apply overs are 100% safe provided that they are used they way they are intended to be. Skin treatment can contain risk that may not emerge initially but can affect your skin in long term aspects.

We have compared the various methods on variety of basis. Our observations rates lotions and apply over above average as they are much safer and gives you result to a great extent. We recommend to opt certified drugs and injections over melanotan 2 and surgery and tanning treatment as they have an upper hand then the latter one,