Comparison of melanotan with other cures to erectile dysfunctional

ED stands for erectile dysfunctionality. ED has many cures available in the market which involves treatment, surgery and drugs etc. Melanotan 2 is one of the drug that helps in improving erectile functionality. Therefore we are going to compare Melanotan 2 and other ways of improving erectile dysfunctionality and are going to rate them on the basis of our conclusion. So, below are the basis of comparison between the drug and other ways.

Result – In the phase of its development doctors and researchers concluded that melanotan can causes up to 4 hours of proper erectile functionality. Well comparing the products like Viagra with melanotan 2, the latter one overtakes the former in terms of result.

Cost – Comparing the cost melanotan is much expensive than the other supplements. But if the drug is compared to the surgery and treatments, it more much cheaper and provides effective results.

Risk involved – Melanotan 2 has high degree of risk involved such as side effects like reduced appetite, depression that can affect the health negatively. Well treatment and surgery are a onetime process and have a very low degree of risk involved in the process. Talking about other supplements, they have no risk other than side effect that have low chances of coming into effect.

Long term effect – Treatment of your ED through surgery and medical operation ensures your life time happiness. Well supplements like Viagra and drugs like melanotan has a short terms effect. They can ensure your one time working but these drugs and supplements have no surety for long terms aspect.

Availability – When we talk about availability of the product the goods can be easily available so as drugs and supplements too. But services has restriction of availability. You have to search for the available treatment specialists and surgeon in your nearby localities and cities. There are pros and cons of each factor. If you reside somewhere far from the treatment centre, it will be difficult for you to take appointments again and again. That leaves you with the options of drugs and supplements.

Coming to the conclusion there is a pros and cons of each method you are opting. Your choice depends on various factor among which some of them are listed above. Do consider all the factor while buying the product. Also there are some fake sellers available in the market that will claim to sell the genuine product. But it is the customers intellectual that gets him the best out of available.