General things to know about melanotan 2

Melanotan was initially got into development for sexual dysfunctionality among both men and women. But this development was ceased by the government by 2003. Since then no product was sold out and commercialized that contained melanotan 2. Still some people continued to sell product for tanning purpose that they claim to contain melanotan in. But all of these people were the category of fake, unlicensed and fraudulent sellers.

This in-development drug showed sexual arouses in rats in the research done in early 1960s. More researches were made and continued in labs across various research centres.

Is a test made by a researcher on himself which included the intake of twice the required dosage of melanotan 2, the result arrived in form of observation of 8 hours of erection. Since then, it was continued to develop as a cure to erectile dysfunctionality.

On the other hand the competitive technology licensed melanotan 1 to pursue it as a tanning agent. Melanotan 2 was licensed by the same company to palatin technologies to pursue it as a cure for sexual dysfunctionality. Later on the development of melanotan 2 was ceased by palatin technology in 2000. Then palatin technology started the development of bremelanotide, a compound like metabolite but differs from melanotan 2. Therefore competitive technology sued palatin technology for breach of contract and to claim the ownership of bremelanotide. The case of settled in 2008 with rights of bremelanotide retaining with palatine technologies and returning back the right of melanotan 2 to competitive technologies with payment of $ 800,000 as compensation to the loss to competitive technologies.

Since then, variety of product are sold containing melanotan 1 and melanotan 2 in gyms and beauty salons. Also there are fake products available in the market claiming to contain to melanotan 1 and 2 that has impacted the distribution of genuine products.

Melanotan has clinically tested to have adverse effects too like face flushing, reduced appetite, vomiting and many more. These drugs needs special prescription from the doctor. Melanotan is still banned in most of the countries as it side effects causes loss to health which lasts for several weeks.

It is our suggestion whenever you buy these products, make sure that you purchase it from the licensed sellers. This product needs to be taken in a controlled quantity as overdose can cause serious health issues and under dose will led to disappointment.